Sentenced To a Year Of Imprisonment Against The Accused "Dj"

Adel Tayari - DG – (TUNISIA) After the loud uproar raised by the raising of the Adhan in one of the nightclubs in Hammamet, mixed with music in the manner of 'Remix', the district court sentenced on Thursday, April 6, a year of imprisonment with urgent access to the English "Dj" which mixes the Adhan with loud music

 It was also ruled not to hear the case against the nightclub agent responsible for the incident, which was suspended on Sunday 2 April.

To note, "Dj" had left the country after the incident, and had published a blog on social networking sites apologized for what was received from him. The Tunisian authorities decided to close the nightclub immediately against the background of the video circulated by activists of social sites, which was mixed in "Dj" the Adhan to pray with loud music... The Tunisian authorities justified its decision "It is about public security, and we cannot allow manipulation of people's religious feelings, pending the completion of the rest of the procedures and research."


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