News Center –TDO- Hosted by Korean Cultural Center Director Dongwoo Cho, Korean artist Hyeseung Lee's textile art exhibition “uncharted lands” opened at the Korean Cultural Center.

Numerous art lovers attended the opening.

The director of the Korean Cultural Center, Dongwoo Cho, who gave the opening speech, started by thanking the guests who participated in the exhibition, noting that it was the second exhibition of artist Hyeseung Lee at the Korean Cultural Center, and said that the artist was inspired by medieval maps.

Artist Hyeseung Lee said: "the Earth on the ancient map looks like an unknown and undiscovered land (Terra Incognita) to the modern people of the 21st century. Looking at an ancient map is to encounter a unique landscape of the world, and it is a journey into the topography of the culture from which the map was born.”

“Uncharted territory” in the exhibition, The Artist Hyosung Lee, as the period from 600 B.C. until the 19th century, in the region of ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Rome, medieval, Islamic and Christian cultures and dating to the Joseon era, the maps of eastern and Western cultures together, showing through the old maps of 41 textile works are exhibited.

The works on display are unique fabrics of many countries, including Korea's rami fabric, Turkish silk and Indian linen, mostly naturally colored, and various products such as twigs, beads, zips and buttons have been used and recreated with the artist's interpretation.

The exhibition will be open to visitors at the Korean Cultural Center until January 31, 2020.

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