News Center - TDO - About half an hour after the end of the Beşiktaş- Bursaspor Top-Division match , a wild Terrorist attack was carried out against the security forces near the stadium. At least 30 police, 8 civilian were killed, 166 citizens were injured.

It is considered that the bombed attack, which the eyewitnesses described as hell-like, is organized from two different points and that someone is a live bomb. Minister of Interior Soylu said in his first statement after the incident, "Two explosions were evaluated by our friends. Someone is in front of the 'Beleştepe', which is right next to the Straight Plaza just above the full stadium. The other is in Maçka Park. It is considered a live bomb in Maçka Park ".

And the reactions from around the world Against the brutal terrorist attack ,on the exit of the match, continue to pour.

In addition, due to the terrorist attack, the country was declared mourning for a day.

The declaration made by the Coordination Center of the Prime Ministry is as follows: "Due to the terrorist attack that took place in Istanbul on December 10, 2016, it was deemed appropriate to declare national mourning for one day due to loss of life and to withdraw all flags.”

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