Adel Tayari – TDO -The tension in the southern Tunisian state of Tataouine has increasedfollowing the failure of Prime Minister Youssef Shahed visit to the state, althoughhecarried a package of promises whichhe think it will rise to the aspirations of protesters who have been protesting for more than a month closed roads to the vehicles of the oil companies of the region, which led to the suspension of work in the oil fields for two months, hoping to end the crisis .. But nothing in sight predicts that the crisis will be resolved, but that more signs of tension are clearer after the protesters rejected the government's proposalsin return, they submitted demands that the prime minister rejected especially those related to the allocation of 20 percent of the revenues of oil companies to the state of Tataouine and the proportion of the number of workers from the state is up to 70 percent of the total number of workers.These demands were rejected by the government because it could cause the division of the country It is expected that if the government responds to it, it will follow the other state of   Tataouine and demand each of them a large share of the wealth in it.

The Prime Minister promised the protesters that the decisions announced by his government will be implemented on specific and controlled dates, to limit the policy of unrealistic promises and gave them actual guarantees to implement more than sixty new procedures for the benefit of the state. However, this did not change the anger of the protesters, stressing the continuation of sit-ins because the proposed government actions do not meet their demands from their point of view. The people of Tataouine complain about what they consider a blatant paradox. Their region contains oil wealth but it is from marginalized areas, while unemployment rises to reach its highest rates by more than 30%.

Following the failure of the Tunisian prime minister's visit to Tataouine and his return to the Tunisian capital before the end of the visit, Tunisian government spokesman IyadDahmani said that the government would deal strictly with the protests that do not respect the law and the disruption of movement and work, considering that the unity of Tunisian territory is a red line,and there is no room for tampering with the interests of the country.

The government has accused some opposition parties of fueling protests in Tataouine and other states,the charges were directed especially to the Popular Front of the far left, which considers that the government turns a blind eye to the corrupt and stole the people's money under the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali through the adoption of national reconciliation and depriving citizens of their right to the wealth of their country. This speech increased the anger of the protesters.

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