A Bombing in A Church Leaves Dozens Dead and Wounded

Adel Tayari - TDO – (TUNISIA)25 people were killed and more than 59 injured on Sunday (April 9th) in a bomb attack on the church of Marjerjis in Tanta, thecapital of the province of Gharbia (north of Cairo), according to Egyptian television.The television said that immediately after the explosion moved the security services concerned and the civil protection forces and men of explosives to the scene to comb the area and to identify the dimensions of the situation and limit the loss and take the necessary legal action.

Al-Azhar strongly condemned the bombing, describing it as a "despicable terrorist" who targeted the lives of innocents in the church, stressing that it represents "a heinous crime against all Egyptians."The bombing comes in conjunction with "Palm Sunday", a festival of Christians, which imposed the authorities in conjunction with strict security measures, especially in the vicinity of churches. And "Palm Sunday" is the seventh and last Sunday of the Lent, which precedes Easter or resurrection at the beginning of this month."The blast took place inside the church during the prayer," said the governor of al-Gharbia, Major General Ahmed Daif. A witness from inside the church at the time of the explosion said the church was filled with fire, smoke and parts of the hall were scattered and the remains of the victims, who were sitting in the first and second rows of seats, were scattered.

Eight days ago, a policeman was killed and 12 others injured in a bombing outside a police training center in Tanta. Three civilians were also wounded. A militant group calling itself the Revolutionary Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack in a Twitter account.

A suicide bomber belonging to the Islamic State Organization killed 25 people in the Patriarchal Church of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo last December.

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