Serhat TUNAR -TDO- According to the results of the election on September 17, no party cannot provide the majority of the government to establish a political stalemate in Israel, the coalition government, who continues to debate the prime minister.

After the general elections, the highly anticipated decision of the Joint Arab List Block announced that it supports Netanyahu's biggest rival, Benny Gantz's alliance. Benny Gantz, who has already won more than two seats from Netanya's Likud party, has become stronger.

On Sunday (yesterday), the Joint Arab List Block, which was formed by 4 parties representing Palestinian citizens, announced its support for Blue-White Alliance Leader Benny Gantz to form a new government.

According to the results of the election, the Joint Arab List Bloc had formed the third largest group of parliament by issuing 13 deputies for the 120-seat Israeli parliament.

With the support of the Joint Arab List Bloc, the center-left bloc led by Gantz has won 57 seats. Prime Minister Netanyahu, who leads the right wing, currently has 55 seats.

After the Arab alliance gave support to Gantz, eyes turned to former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman's party of 8 deputies. Lieberman has not made a statement yet.