News Center -TDO- Hosted by South Korea's Embassy in Ankara, the "Korea-Turkey mixed Calligraphy Exhibition" with the theme "writings are blooming, hearts are blooming" was opened at the Korean Cultural Center.

Undersecretary Of The Embassy Of South Korea In Ankara Kang Jung, President Of The Calligraphic Society Of South Korea Young Bae Kim, Vice President Of The Calligraphic Society Of South Korea Gibeag Kim, Secretary General Of The Calligraphic Society Of South Korea Eunhee Park, Members of the South Korean Calligraphy Association Younbun Um, Sekyung Jeon and many other guests attended to the opening ceremony.

"Calligraphy is very meaningful as it is an opportunity to increase the interaction between Korea and Turkey," Undersecretary Kang said in his opening remarks.

"I hope that through this exhibition, there will be a further increase in interest in calligraphy in Turkey and an opportunity for more people to learn calligraphy," said Undersecretary Kang Jung, who wishes the cultural exchange between the two countries to continue.

South Korean calligrapher Young Bae Kim also pointed out that Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe, has long-established ties with his country and said "although the two countries are far apart, the friendship of South Korea and Turkey is very different, with many things in common in terms of culture and history.”

Kim Young Bae, noting that calligraphy is called "the picture of the heart," and stated:

"Writing can cause a mysterious state, while softening your energy with the right mind and heart. When the mind and hands come together and are used in the right way it can produce good deeds. Through this exhibition, we will learn Turkish culture, introduce it in South Korea and try to get a new taste by combining each other's culture."

The exhibition will be open to visitors at the Korean Cultural Center until November 23.

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