Selin ATAY-TDO- UK Prime Minister’s call for snap election was rejected for twice at last session of parliament. Johnson accused opposition for “They think they know better than British”right after the vote.

Even though Johnson rejected for twice, he announced that he would make another proposal to hold snap election immediately. However, opposition officials accepted to discuss snap election with a provision that Johnson agreed with Brussels on the postponement of Brexit and on the terms of the withdrawal agreement. Johnson said that “Snap election is only way to break the deadlock over Brexit. “

Beside that Workers Party bill aimed at blocking a non-deal Brexit in late October is accepted with majority vote. By this way, the legislation forces UK Prime Minister to ask for a delay unless a deal has been agreed with the bloc or the parliament votes for a no-deal Brexit by 19 October.

As of today, parliament is suspended for a five-week. After session, while opposition officials protested suspension by carrying “We are silenced” banner, conservative party members shouted slogan by saying “Shame”.