Selin ATAY-TDO- In Germany, some lawmakers called for the lifting of sanctions, noting that sanctions imposed on Russia have done great damage to the German economy.

Western countries have begun imposing sanctions on Russia by accusing Russia of interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs.

The German parliament held a conference on "5 years of sanctions on Russia – How to Get out Of the Mutual blockade," in the Bundestag under the leadership of the Eastern Committee on the German economy.

Bundestag Economy and Energy Committee Chairman Claus Ernst said Germany was the country that suffered the biggest damage from the sanctions, stressing that Berlin had a high chance of lifting sanctions against Russia at the EU level.

Sandra Weeser of the Free Democratic Party has proposed easing economic sanctions against Moscow on the condition that Russia meet the terms of the Minsk Agreement.

Bernd Westphal of the Social Democratic Party stated that Germany should follow the policy of rapprochement with Russia followed by French President Emmanuel Macron and that Berlin should take the first step towards Moscow after 5 years of sanctions.

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