Selin ATAY-TDO- Aleksey Yerhov, Russia's Ambassador to Ankara, made a statement about the misfortunes that have befallen Russian tourists in Turkey recently. Yerhov said that the number of Russian tourists who have died in Turkey since the opening of the tourist season is 88 and that 40 tourists whose health is deteriorating have also been sent to Russia.

Yerhov explained the reasons of the misfortunes experienced; cardiovascular diseases suffered by tourists of advanced age based on weather and climate changes, the reason of traffic accidents involving many tourist buses is not to comply with traffic rules. Therefore, he advises Russian tourists to follow traffic rules, and to prefer certified travel agents instead of shady tours on their travels

By accepting complaints against Russian diplomats, Yerhov said there were only 5 diplomats in the Consulate General in Antalya. He said one of the employees inspected hotels in Antalya in line with complaints, while other employees respond to applications and deal with routine affairs of the consulate, such as visa and passport affairs.

Furthermore, Yerhov said that the region under the administration of the Consulate General is an area of two thousand kilometers, and it is impossible to deal with events in remote resorts at the same time.

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