Selin ATAY-TDO- Russia has a response to all the threats posed by NATOand will ensure its security without entering an arms race, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday, noting that NATO is trying to dominate the world.

"NATO sees itself as a source of legitimacy and is trying to convince everyone that only it can assume this role," Lavrov said, expressing concern over NATO's actions. “NATO is expanding its military infrastructure towards Russia's borders., "he said.

"NATO is trying to dominate the world, including Europe, the Atlantic and the Middle East," Lavrov said, referring to NATO's increased military budget. “NATO wants to destroy all its rivals by destabilizing Russia and China. We know well how to respond to NATO's threats without engaging in an arms race, providing our own security." He stated.

On Germany's expulsion of a Russian diplomat at Russia's Embassy in Berlin in connection with the killing of the person with Russian and Georgian citizenship in Berlin, Minister Lavrov said: "We have channels to be in contact with the violation of the legislation of the two countries. These channels need to be used”

“I do not know what our German partners are based on the conviction that Russia is not cooperating adequately. This way you should not talk to anyone”. Lavrov said

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