Serhat TUNAR -TDO- After the attack on Turkish soldiers in Idlib after their refugee claims will prevent the transition of European refugees in Turkey he began to walk towards Europe. It is claimed that some refugees in Edirne marched towards the Greek border in groups.

According to the report of DHA, hundreds of immigrants, including children, marched from Karaağaç Neighborhood to Pazarkule Border Gate. It is reported that the immigrants moving towards the border to cross to Greece are mostly Syria, Iran, Iraq and Pakistani.

Reuters news agency quoted a senior Turkish official as saying Turkey had decided it would no longer stop refugees seeking to cross into Europe by land and sea.

Refugee agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the European Union up illegally to their countries of immigrants to be sent back to Turkey, and in turn the legal remaining Syrians in Turkey include its acceptance as refugees in Europe.

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