Serhat TUNAR -TDO- As is known, North African country Algeria, which is on the agenda for three months because of the protest demonstrations. AndAlgerian people held another protest march after Friday prayers. Thousands of demonstrators in many cities across the country, especially in the capital city of Algeria, demanded resignations of the managers of the Buteflika regime.

This time, the furious people's target was the chief of the General Staff, Kaid Salah, the interim president Abdulkadir bin Salih, and the former politicians from the Abdulaziz Buteflika era. The protesters gathered at the Central Post Office Square, which became the symbol of the protests, were seen to carry the banners written "We won’t stop" and “Resign!”.

The Algerians, who demanded that the people who represent the old regime be removed from their posts and are tried, are strongly opposed to their presence in the country.

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