Protests against the law of economic reconciliation in Tunisia


Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) Since the introduction of the law of economic Reconciliation to the Parliament, Tunisia has been living through the protests in many cities and it is common for Tunisia to know protests every Sunday and Saturday as citizens take to the streets, exploiting the weekend. Hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated on Saturday (May 6th) in the southern province of Gafsa, in protest against the draft economic reconciliation law, submitted by the Presidency of the Republic to parliament for discussion and ratification.

Participants in the march, called by human rights activists and trade unionists, gathered outside the headquarters of the local labor union in Gafsa before heading towards the center of the city, raising slogans that considered the law a liquidation of the revolutionary course. Protesters also called the law a "normalization with corruption and corrupts, a blatant violation of the constitution" and called for reconciliation "with poor Tunisians and with repressed areas."

The bill, if passed, pardons about 400 businessmen affiliated with the regime of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who overthrew the 2011 revolution and were involved in corruption cases. The bill provides for amnesty for public servants and the like for acts involving financial corruption and assault on public money, unless they are intended to achieve personal benefit.

The draft law is fiercely opposed by Tunisian civil society, while the presidency believes that the worsening economic situation necessitates reconciliation with businessmen to create projects that contribute to the recovery of development.

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