Adel Tayari-TDO-Attempts to press Tunisian President Baji Qais al-Sibsi to push him back to diplomatic relations with the Syrian regime have been frequent lately.  These pressures came mainly from the Tunisian opposition, that is Tunisian left-wing delegations and figures went to Syria to learn about the situation there, or even express their solidarity with the Syrian regime.

However, the new is the introduction of a parliamentary list demanding the restoration of Tunisian-Syrian diplomatic relations, conflicting positions on the parliamentary between the rejectionist and supporter, and joined it with opposition blocs that have been demanding this for a while, the ruling party bloc, the "Tunis Appeal" (Nidaa Tounes)  and the head of the ruling party bloc, Sufian Tubal,said  that his party supports the restoration of diplomatic relations with Syria to the former, and he added that the party considers "severing relations with Syria a wrong decision added to the package of wrong diplomatic decisions taken in the previous era, which the Tunisian diplomacy is currently working to reform and correct, " According to his opinion  ..  Saying that "continuing to cut relations harms the Tunisian community in Syria.

It should be noted that the "Appeal of Tunisia" put forward the re-relations with Syria in his campaign in 2014, but as soon as Baji Kayed al-Sibsi came to power, he decided that Tunisia's positions would conform to those of most Arab countries that refuse to restore relations with Syria and the Tunisian president stressed that the interests of the Tunisian community in Syria will be taken care of by the consular office there.

It should be noted that the effect of this parliamentary regulation, even if it has already been ratified, it will only be an attempt to put pressure on Baji Kayed al-Sibsi, who may not respond to it, because the new Tunisian constitution gives the president sole responsibility for determining the country's foreign policy, this list also finds opposition from several parliamentary blocs.

For his part, a spokesman for the party "Ennahdha" and Chairman of the Committee on Rights and Freedoms and Foreign Relations in the Tunisian parliament, Imad Khmeri  that the "Ennahdha  Movement" object to the draft regulation demanding the restoration of diplomatic relations with Syria before even starting to discuss in Parliament, because the subject is interference in the powers of the head of state as stipulated by the Constitution adding that the legislative authority must be keen to respect the provisions of the Constitution of the Second Republic in Tunisia. Imad Khmeri   said that severing relations with the Syrian regime is a national and Arab decision based on data that does not grant legitimacy to the regime that does not respect human rights in view of the crimes committed by this regime against the Syrian people.

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