Selin ATAY-TDO-Negotiation held in between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Selman about Iran at Riyad, Selman and Pompeo said the attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were 'unacceptable'.

U.S. State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus issued a written statement on the Pompeo-Mohammed bin Selman meeting."Minister Pompeo and The Crown Prince discussed recent attacks by Iran on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and stressed that the attacks were unacceptable. The minister and The Crown Prince agreed that this attack endangered not only Saudi citizens but also American citizens living in this country and threatened the oil production chain in the country," the statement said.

According to Ortagus’s statement, the two names stressed that 'the international community must come together against Iran' and called for a stand against Iran's actions in the region.

Before heading to Riyadh, the US Secretary of state once again blamed Iran for the attacks and referred to the attack as a “cause of war” for the first time. Also, U.S. President Trump recently ordered increased sanctions on Iran.

On the other hand, Iranian presidential adviser Hesameddin Ashena declined to comment after Riyadh's accusations against Tehran. “The press conference proved that Saudi Arabia knows nothing about where the missiles and drones were made or launched from and failed to explain why the country’s defense system failed to intercept them, ”Ashena wrote on Wednesday on his Twitter page.


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