Serhat TUNAR -TDO-Algerian journalists, who reacted to pressures and obstructions against journalists following the protests against the presidential nomination of President Abdulaziz Buteflika, have protested. According to Reuters, police detained some demonstrators.

Journalists gathered at Press Freedom Square in Algeria, protesting the state censorship and pressures. They shouted slogans against the president.

In the protest where the police took intensive security measures, journalists often shouted slogans like "Press is freedom, press is democracy", "No censorship".

Journalists, who demanded the end of pressures and restrictions, made an emphasis on press freedom.

Algerian Communication Minister Cemal Kavan came to the square where the protest was held and met with journalists. "Who made the call for this protest,” Communication Minister asked the journalists. "The call for action was made by journalists,” journalists replied.

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