News Center –DO- Indian Embassy hosted “Philosophy and Practice of Yoga” lessons with participation of Shri Ankit Tiwari, Indian Yoga Guru, in the Embassy of India, Ankara.

Many yogis (male) and yoginis (female) attended the presentation seminar.

Ankit Tivvari made an opening speech on Indian philosophy. 

Tivvari said Indian philosophy (darshan) comes from Sanskritic  “drisha” word root which means to see/ to look/ to examine. 

“Acknowledging, examining and experiencing the facts underlie this philosophy. Darshan is a vision of World in the context of spiritual philosophy and it’s a door to real nature of the World.”

Tivvari : “Yoga is a lifestyle and not only limited to physical activities. It is also a spiritual journey to reach the Samadhi.”  

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