News Center -TDO-A Philippine culinary delights promotion event was held at the Zübeyde Hanım Social Facilities of Ankara Çankaya Municipality, hosted by Ana Algabre Hernandez, spouse of the Philippines Ambassador to Turkey Raul Hernandez.

The event, organized by the Embassy of the Philippines and the Municipality of Çankaya and held within the framework of the 70th Anniversary Of The Philippines-Turkey Bilateral Relations, was attended by the ambassador of the Philippines Raul Hernandez, deputy mayor of  Çankaya Gülsün Bor Güner, director of Culture and Social Affairs Şebnem Erol, Deputy Director of Culture and Social Affairs Murat Seçkin, Zübeyde Hanım Çankaya House trainees and invited guests.

Ana Algabre Hernandez, who gave the keynote address, began her remarks by saying Mabuhay, which is to say hello in Filipino. Hernandez added: "Like many of you here, we love to socialize and food has almost always been at the center of our celebrations. The Embassy of the Philippines aims to enable foreign communities, especially Turks, to get to know and understand the Philippines more closely. This event is planned as a platform to show that despite the constant modernization of the Philippines, I remain committed to its unique food culture through simple cooking techniques prepared using basic spices and ingredients.

Philippine cuisine is described as” The Original Blend". This has combined eastern and Western food concepts over the years. The cuisine of the Philippines has been severely influenced by Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, and American traditions. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you some of the food that is the pride of the Philippines. We brought with us world-famous Philippine mangoes.”

Ana Algabre Hernandez then moved into the kitchen to cook “Kare Kare” and “Chicken Adobo” dishes from Philippine delicacies with the trainees.

The event ended with meals served to guests and Ambassador Raul Hernandez thanked to officials of the municipality of Çankaya.

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