News Center -TDO- Peru’s Ambassador to Turkey Alberto Campana Boluarte hosted a reception at the Peruvian Embassy in Ankara in consequence of Peru’s Independence Day.

General Manager of the America Department of Foreign Affairs Ambassador İnan Özyıldız, Mission representatives in Ankara and many other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Boluarte said:

“I would like to thank all of you for being at the Embassy of Peru tonight to celebrate the 198th anniversary of my country's independence, which was obtained on July 28, 1821.

Such as Turkey, our history and national identity at a time is more than two centuries.

Peru is also has a long history and a rich culture as Turkey. We had many cultures in our lands that developed for thousands of years and reached their best expressions during the time of the Incan Empire.

That's why today we celebrate not only our independence but also Peru as a modern country and a nation with thousands of history and culture.

There are many things in common in Peru and Turkey. Both are countries with long history and rich culture. Good people, warm and hardworking people. But moreover, we are countries with souls.

Peruvian Embassy in Ankara and Turkish Embassy in Lima, Peru, relations between Peru and Turkey is working hard to further strengthen. Almost ten years ago, we opened resident embassies.

Since then, the Peruvian embassy has been working hard to develop different aspects of bilateral relations.

The deputy foreign ministers of Turkey and Peru, in both countries, including those of different approaches, has reviewed all issues of common interests. But most importantly. Both deputy ministers set the most important goals in order to further strengthen the relations we need to achieve in the near future; for example, the free trade agreement and the air services agreement that will contribute to the increase of bilateral trade and the flow of tourists.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Turkish authorities and senior officers, ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations, to friends of economic, cultural and academic fields, and of course to members of the Peruvian community. Peru us because we are here today in Turkey to celebrate the moment we agree that it is in a very good development process.

Long live Peru. Long live Turkey.”

In his speech, Ambassador İnan Özyıldız, General Manager of the America Department of Foreign Affairs said: “On behalf of our Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I would like to celebrate Peru Independence Day and I would like to express our pride and happiness to our Peruvian friends.

Our relations with Peru have been dominated by friendship and cooperation since the beginning. With this understanding, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of our diplomatic relations with Peru next year.

Our President's visit to Peru in 2016 accelerated our relations. In March this year, we held political consultations at the level of Deputy Foreign Ministers in Lima.

Our relations with Peru are not limited to political relations. Peru, one of the leading countries in the region, is a country that we also consider as a cooperation partner in terms of our expansion policy in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have strong cooperation with Peru in various international and regional organizations.

The potential of economic and commercial cooperation among our countries is high. There are significant investment opportunities. I believe that the increase in visits and contacts between our officials and businessmen will strengthen our bilateral relations.

Thanks to the opening of our Embassies in 2010, we strengthen our relations in many areas. Undoubtedly, the most important share in the development of our relations, I would like to thank Peru's Embassy in Ankara and Lima's Embassy and Ambassadors for their active efforts.

Finally, I congratulate Peru's national team on Copa America last month and the brave and beautiful football that they played during the championship.

I would like to congratulate my dear colleague Ambassador Campana Boluarte and all the Peruvians who have been here, and wish my best wishes for the welfare and happiness of the Republic of Peru and the friendly people of Peru.”

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