News Center -TDO- Peruvian cuisine was introduced with the participation of the famous Peruvian chefs Bruno Santa Cruz (Swissotel Istanbul Kitchen chef) and Jean Carlo Milla (Peruvian Embassy Kitchen chef in Ankara) at the University's practice restaurant "Le Piment Rouge"on March 10th in cooperation with the Peruvian Embassy and Bilkent University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Peru’s Ambassador to Turkey Campana Boluarte, Rector of Bilkent University Prof. Abdullah Atalar, Vice Rector Prof. Kürşat Aydoğan, Prof. Adnan Akay, Director of School of Applied Technology and Business Administration Kamer Rodoplu, Head of Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Dr. Eda Gürel, Argentine’s Ambassador to Turkey Jorge Alejandro Mastropietro, Costa Rica’s Ambassador to Turkey Gustavo Campos Fallas, Mexico’s Ambassador to Turkey Büyükelçisi Jose Luis Martinez y Hernandez, Colombia’s Ambassador to Turkey Julio Anibal Riano Velandia, Chile’s Ambassador to Turkey Armin Andereya, Paraguay's Ambassador to Turkey Ceferino Valdes and other invited guests attended to the event, which was organized within the scope of ‘International Cuisine Courses’ of Department of Tourism and Hotel Management Bilkent University.

Peru’s Ambassador to Turkey Campana Boluarte, speaking here, said that the tastes of his country's cuisine are beginning to be recognized by the Turks and that Peru's gastronomy courses will be permanently included in the academic curriculum of Bilkent University in the near future.

Ambassador Campana Boluarte thanked the participants and Bilkent University officials, expressing that the culinary culture gave important information in the promotion of the countries and was pleased to introduce the Peruvian cuisine within this framework.

Bilkent University Rector Prof. Abdullah Atalar said that although Turkey and Peru are geographically distant, they have many similar characteristics in cultural terms.

Rector Atalar offered his gratitude to those who contributed to the organization.

During the two-day event, Peruvian celebrity chefs Bruno Santa Cruz and Jean Carlo Milla will give practical cooking lessons to 40 students.

As part of the event, participants were offered “ceviche” and “causa” from Peruvian cuisine, as well as a variety of Peruvian delicacies.

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