News Center –TDO- Peru’s Ambassador to Turkey Alberto Campana Boluarte and Defense Attaché Colonel Victor Villasis Rojas hosted a reception at Ankara Atlı Hotel on the purpose of celebrating the 194th anniversary of ‘Battle of Ayacucho and Armed Forces Day of Peru’. 

Peru’s Ambassador to Turkey Alberto Campana Boluarte and Defense Attaché Colonel Victor Villasis Rojas greeted the guests. The guest list of the reception included heads of foreign missions, military attaches in Ankara, as well as officials from Turkish Armed Forces and local journalists.

Following the singing of the national anthems of the two countries, Defense Attaché Rojas delivered a speech in which he said “I would like to start my words thanking all of you for your kind attendance to the celebration for the 194 anniversary of the battle of Ayacucho and armed forces day of Peru.

To commemorate this glorious milestone, is to bring today the grand victory for the emancipation of America that consolidated in the Pampa de la Quinua, in the Sierra del Perú, in Ayacucho, in 1824.

It is, since then, that the army of Peru has fulfilled its duty in the happy hours and in the most tragic of its republican life in defense of its sovereignty, leaving a legacy of honor and sacrifice, with resistance and without giving up.

The sense of defense in the last years, is covering a range greater than the custody of borders, the control of terrorist movements or the neutralization of armed threats; currently the sense of defense, is faced with other challenges such as natural disasters because of climate change, illicit drug trafficking, humanitarian aid among others.

As the members of the army of Peru, we renew our commitment to continue working with perseverance, professionalism and responsibility for the path of development for the benefit of all Peruvians.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of military attachés in Ankara, their spouses, my compatriots and all my friends for their friendship to me, my wife and my children during our stay in this beautiful country, Turkey. “

And Ambassador Boluarte also made a speech and he said “It ıs my pleasure to welcome all of you and to thank for accompanying us today in thıs special celebration.

On December 9, we celebrate the Peruvian army day and, as the defense attaché of Peru, Colonel Victor Villasis said, this date corresponds to the battle of Ayacucho 194 years ago, military victory that completed the independence of Amerıca.

As ambassador of Peru, it is a reason of special satisfactıon to celebrate together wıth our defense defense attaché and all of you this day when we pay homage to one of tutelary institutions of the Peruvian country; that is, the Peruvian army.

Great part of the historical origin of our republics has been built on the basis of the important military victories of our army. Peru and Turkey have thıs in common.

Peru and Turkey have many other things in common. First, we have a long and great history, as well as an ancestral and rich culture.

Based on these common elements, Peru and Turkey 8 years ago decıded to deepen theır bılateral relatıons wıth the establıshment of resıdent embassıes in Ankara and Lima.  It has contributed to develop throughout these years even more the links of political concertation and cooperation in the various areas of the bilateral relationship.

Last but not least, I would lıke to make a toast to the Peruvian army and to the glory of the friendship between Turkey and Peru!”

The reception ended after a short and samples of traditional Peruvian cuisine.

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