News Centre -TDO-  Pakistan's Ambassador to Turkey Syrus Saijad Qazi has hosted a reception at the Embassy Residence to mark the Pakistani Mango Festival.

The reception was attended by AK Party MP Ali Şahin, ambassadors and other guests.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Qazi said that Pakistans see the mango as the king of fruits and added "Pakistan is the world's fifth largest producer of mangoes and sixth biggest exporter. For us Pakistanis, the mango is not just a fruit, but an integral part of our history and rich culture. In our efforts to bring Pakistani mangoes to the Turkish market, we have hosted this Mango Festival for four years and each time has been better than the last."

AK Party MP for Gaziantep Ali Şahin said that he had first tasted mangoes during his time at university and had wanted them for years afterwards and added "With this event of the embassy, a dream has come true and we have mangoes again after many years."

The event ended with a bingo draw, with mangoes as the prize.

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