Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The presidential and parliamentary elections planned to be held in Nigeria today have been postponed. The elections will be held on Saturday, 23 February.

In Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, the people would go to the polls today. But hours before the vote, the election commission, announced that the elections were postponed. The general elections will be held on February 23rd.

"As a result of the detailed investigations, we have determined that it is not possible to make fair and reliable elections in the present circumstances," the Election Commission said in a statement.

Prior to the elections, an armed attack was carried out from the state of "Kaduna" and 66 people were killed as a result of an armed attack by unidentified people.

No further information was provided from the official institutions regarding the postponement of the elections. In Nigeria, 84 million voters were expected to vote at 120,000 points across the country.

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