Selin ATAY-TDO-Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that their relations with Israel on security and military cooperation gained a new quality.

Putin stated that trade volume had also increased significantly in the past year, by saying he favors to be in regularly contact between the two countries in all areas.

Putin told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "Let me say clearly, thanks to your great efforts, our relations on security and military cooperation have gained a new quality. We know how important this is, especially considering the continued threat of international terrorism."

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said military relations between Russia and Israel are crucial “but they are particularly important now, because in recent months we have seen a dramatic increase in Iran's attempts to use Syrian territory to attack us. We are not prepared to accept this threat.”

"The personal communication between us(with Putin) averted conflict and friction between our troops. I would say that this is a very important element of stability for the whole region.”Netanyahu said.

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