Mustafa AY – TDO – 01.07.2018 International Organisation for Migration, which was established as an auxiliary executive body of United Nations in 1951, elected its new director to the head of office on Friday. There were 3 candidates to the office: ex-Director Laura Thompson from Costa Rica, Trump administration’s candidate Ken Isaacs and Portugese candidate Antonio Vitorino. 61-years-old Portugese Antonio Vitorino, who’s got affiliated with Socialist Party in Portugese Parliament, was elevated to the head of IOM.

Ken Isaacs as the candidate of Trump administration lost the competetion on account of White House’s scandalling ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for its migration issue. In according to zero-tolerance policy, US officials have been authorized to prosecute and detain every-aged immigrants in an attempt to cross USA-Mexico border illegally. Since this policy incorporates juveniles into legal proceeding like criminal prosecution executed by US Judicials, approximately 2000 juveniles have been kept away from their families in detainment centers so far.

In June, that World press revealed White House’s zero-tolerance policy leading separation of almost 2000 juvenile migrants from thier families prompted overreaction in both USA and Europe. Especially in USA, 600 demonstrators comprising of mostly women staged non-violent protest by sitting on stairs of US Senate building in between 28-29 June. However, security forces took all 600 protesters into custody. For the reasons varying from zero-tolerance policy and arbitrary declaration of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, US candidate Ken Isaacs was not chosen to the head of IOM.

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