Selin ATAY-TDO-NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivers a press conference in Brussels ahead of the NATO leaders ' meeting in London on 3-4 December. Stoltenberg announced that Russia, control of armaments and the rise of China would also be among the agenda items of the meeting.

Stoltenberg asked if it was right to focus so much on defense spending only to "make US President Donald Trump happy", and he stated as a response to the question:  "European and Canadian allies should invest in defense, not just to keep President Trump happy, but because the security environment has become more dangerous."

According to Stoltenberg, the threat of terrorism, Russia's aggressive attitude, cyber threats, China's rise and of changes in the global balance of power created the "uncertain security environment". He ,therefore, argued that the NATO allies should invest more in defense.

Asked why Russia was still seen as the main threat despite not attacking any NATO allies, Stoltenberg said Moscow constitutes a "strategic test."

Stoltenberg said it was important for NATO to maintain a strong defense and deterrence in the face of this situation, noting that Russia has improved its modern military capability and is taking an aggressive stance against its neighbors, such as Georgia and Ukraine.

"Dialogue is not a sign of weakness," Stoltenberg said, recalling that NATO has adopted a two-legged policy of dialogue and deterrence towards Russia.

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