Morocco: The birth of Othmani government by a six-party government coalition


Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) Moroccan Prime Minister-designate Saad Eddin Othmani announced the formation of a coalition of six parties, including the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (left), to participate in the government, which will see the light more than five months after the legislative elections.

The coalition includes the Justice and Development Party (the Islamic reference), which issued the legislative elections that took place on the seventh of last October, the parties of the National Rally for Freedoms, the Constitutional Union, the Popular Movement, Progress and Socialism and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces .. Al-Othmani announced that the coalition on Saturday night March 25 at a press conference in the headquarters of the Justice and Development Party in the capital Rabat attended by the secretaries-general of the parties concerned, and stressed that the acceleration in the formation of the government dictated by the firm will overcome the obstacles that prevented the formation during the past months; Al-Othmani, who serves as chairman of the National Council of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), has pledged to form a government of achievement and action and to work with the rest of the political leaders to launch consultations on the structure of the new government and the distribution of ministerial portfolios ; He said in a statement to the press that he and his allies are determined to be a new government is consistent and respond to the aspirations of the Moroccan people and the economic sector. Consultations between the said parties on ministerial portfolios and the Government program will continue. According to sources familiar with the progress of the consultations, the Socialist Union will receive a bag or two in the new government. Since his appointment last week by the king, Othmani held the first round of consultations with a number of parties to form a new government and confirmed his intention to accelerate the formation of this government.

On Saturday, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) held a meeting under the chairmanship of its secretary-general, Abdul Ilah Benkirane, to choose party ministers in the Othmani government.

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