Adel Tayari – TDO – (TUNISIA) The Moroccan Foreign Ministry called on Saturday (April 22nd) Algerian ambassador to protest against the deportation of Algerian authorities 55 Syrian immigrants to Morocco.  Moroccan authorities said Algeria had surrounded Syrian migrants in "inhumane conditions" near the border between the two countries to the south. And said that "the authorities of the country are surprised that Algeria does not take into account the conditions of these migrants and forced them to our land, in actions contrary to the rules of good neighborliness, which has been advocated by the Kingdom."  And she pointed out that the arrival of these migrants to the border area, despite the rough terrain and difficult climatic conditions could not have been without receiving assistance and support from the Algerian authorities. The Moroccan Interior Ministry also condemned in a statement issued on Friday (April 21st) what it described as "the inhuman acts of the Algerian authorities against Syrian immigrants trapped in its territory” accusing the Algerian authorities of besieging 55 migrants on the border near the town of Figuig after being allowed to reach the area in regiments since Monday night April 17. "It is about women and children in a very precarious situation," the statement said, adding that such actions had been recorded by Algeria in earlier periods.

A source in the city of Figuig said the Syrians were still stranded without water or food. The border between the two countries has been closed since 1994. Algeria has not issued an official reply to the statements of the Moroccan foreign and interior ministries, despite the fact that the Algerian Foreign Ministry had already summoned the Ambassador of Rabat in 2014 to inform him of her rejection of what she described as "allegations of theexpulsion of Syrian refugees to Moroccan soil."

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