News Center -TDO- Pakistan's Ambassador to Turkey Muhammed  Syrus Sajjad Qazi hosted the “Mango and Biryani” Fest.

Ambassadors, academicians and guests attended the festival, which was held in the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Qazi said that the mango, which he described as the king of fruits, is among the sweetest fruits of the world. Ambassador Qazi said Pakistan is the world's fifth largest mango producer and sixth largest mango exporter.

Explaining that Pakistani mangoes are exported to more than 57 countries, Ambassador Qazi said, "There are 110 high-quality mango varieties. Each variety comes from different markets at different times, and the season lasts from May to September."

Mr. Ambassador also stated that the “biryani” made with Pakistan's best basmati rice is also a part of that festival and said:

"The most popular variety of mango is chaunsa, and today we offer you white chaunsa. We have been hosting the mango festival for 7 years as part of our efforts to bring Pakistani mangoes to the Turkish market. It was one of the most anticipated activities in diplomatic and social calendars. We hope to export mangoes to Turkey. Pakistani mangoes at least as sweet as the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey. This is really good to celebrate this friendship with the “king of fruits.””

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