News Centre –TDO- Luxembourg’s Ambassador to Ankara Georges Faber and his spouse Barbara Faber-Mohr held a reception for Luxembourgian National Day, which marks the birthday of the Grand Duke.

Hosting the reception, Ambassador Faber greeted his guests at the door.

Following the singing of the national anthems of Luxembourg and Turkey, Ambassador Faber delivered an opening address, in which he said Europe was under pressure from a new form of nationalism stoked by populist and xenophobic approaches. Faber said that they would be able to take the necessary steps against this, as there is no guarantee other than the EU for peace and prosperity on the European continent.

Luxembourg’s Ambassador to Ankara Faber also said that he much admired the hospitality and the extraordinary generosity displayed by Turkey in the face of the wave of migration. 

Georges Faber said that Turkey faced many internal and external pressures and that they stood together in fighting terrorism, for which Turkey had paid a heavy price.

The reception was attended by many guests from the worlds of diplomacy, business and the arts.

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