İlknur Şebnem Öztemel – TDO – Libya’s UN-backed prime minister, Fayez al-Serraj, said NATO or EU ships could be permitted to operate in Libyan waters in order to hinder flow of people across the Mediterranean. Serraj said “If there is something to be carried out jointly between the Libyan navy and any other party interested in extending a hand to the Libyan navy, that would be possible”. He added “Of course, we have to modernize our navy flotilla and enhance its capacities. NATO or any other friendly nation on a bilateral basis could extend a hand in this”.

Previously, it has been declared that EU will move its anti-smuggling mission, Operation Sophia, into Libyan waters to prevent European continent from immigrants. Currently, boats can only be turned back to Libya if they are stopped inside the Libyan waters. Both NATO and the EU need consent with the local government in order to operate inside its sovereign waters.

Moreover, according to a recently released report of a Dutch think tank, Clingendael Institute, migrants were intercepted by Libyan coastguards and sent to detention centres where they often spend months without any  legal recourse and being subjected  to the ‘’whims ‘’of their jailers. Furthermore, it has been asserted that some smugglers tortured migrants to get their money or forced to work in return for the journey. Additionally, it has been alleged that some immigrants were sold to groups for €15,000, mostly Egyptians who are involved in organ mafia and forced people on to boats. Finally, based on their own statements, up to 40% of migrants were forced on to boats.”

One of the strongest protector of ‘’civilization’’, ‘’human rights’’, ‘’democracy’’ and ‘’equality’’, West, is trying to do everything so as to prevent refugees coming to European coasts. Latterly, Italy gave 200 million Euro to several African countries as a part of its policy to ‘’reduce immigration’’.  Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano, said they gave money to Niger, Libya and Tunisia, to help them on fight against human trafficking and illegal migration.

Most of the African continent is a stronghold for poverty, famine and fighting.  International organizations and ‘’shared values’’ are inefficient to solve these problems. According to the Fragile States Index in 2015, there are above 100 states that ‘’Alert’’ and more than 120 ‘’ Alert +’’ states in the World. Also, there are 65.3 million people that are forcibly displaced, 21.3 million refugees and 10 million stateless people in the World. There is no similarity between the list of the richest states and the list of the top five hosting countries (Jordan, Ethiopia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey (The first one-2, 5 million refugees)). Even there is no offer to help to these states. It is significant to underline the fall of European states to fulfill the refugee agreement that was signed with Turkey, in March 2016. I do not even mention the unfortunate situation of other Arab refugees in neighboring countries although they were victims of civil wars happened after the Arab Spring too. It is obvious that these states are not sincere in their claims.  It is always necessary to question and investigate their moves.

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