The killing of Gaddafi by the opening of a sewer was perhaps the reason by the contents of that sewer have now spread over Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. Yes, Gaddafi was a dictator who gave off a bad scent.But the discomfort he caused concerned mainly the West and allowed those around him to continue their lives one way or the other. At the present point, almost all of North Africa has fallen into the sewer and the only people disturbed by this is the local population. For while it is the West and westerners which markets the arms used to turn the living into corpses, which provides the means of disposing of those corpses, it is also the West and westerners who get to scrub with a soap in a warm tub. On the one hand, there is dirty business with sinking migrant ships in the Mediterranean. Following Walid Al Ghleib being taken into custody by Tunisian authorities, attackers stormed the Tunisian Embassy in Tripoli, kidnapping ten personnel of the mission.The attack, which was firmly protested by Tunisia, was carried out in order to ensure the release of Walid Al Ghleib. What the impact of the incident, denounced by the Tunisian Foreign Ministry, on ties between Tunisia and Libya will be is yet unclear. On the other hand, Turkey also suffers from the two-government freak structure of Libya. The reader will remember that the Turkish ship Tuna 1 had been fired upon under orders from the Tobruk government, with the vessel suffering heavy damage and a Turkish sailor being killed. Under circumstances in which negotiations between Tunisia and Libya are being carried out through blackmail, one would have to think twice over how safe the region is for investors. News Centre

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