News Center -TDO- Latvia’s Ambassador to Turkey Peteris –Karlis Elfertsand his spouse Anta Spunde hosted a reception at the Latvian Embassy in consequence of “Latvia's 101st anniversary of independence.”

The reception was attended by the Minister of Environment Murat Kurum, the Consul of Latvia in Istanbul Ahmet Arbatlı, the Consul of Latvia in Bursa Yavuz İskenderoğlu, the Consul of Latvia in Alanya Nurkan Şaşmaz, ambassadors and invited guests.

Speaking at the opening after the two countries ' national anthems were played, Ambassador Elferts said: “We are here today to honor the mothers, fathers and those who fought for independence who declared our independence.”

"Today, we celebrated the 101st anniversary of Latvia"!

“We shared our culture at our century celebrations and improved our political and economic relations with trade delegations. We published a book called “Latvia-Turkey: forgotten relations 1918-1940". As part of the research of the book, I have the honor of sharing the many MFA Archives, National Archives and Ankara University posters that are our common history.”

“Together with my brothers and sisters in Estonia and Lithuania, we have hosted an event for 30 years since the start of the Baltic Road.”

“Last week, 30th year of the collapse of the Berlin Wall is commemorated! If this wall had not been demolished physically, mentally and philosophically, there might not have been a united Germany or a united Europe, and many of us would not be here today. 1989 gave us great hope for the future. Although it is still 2 years away from Latvia regaining its independence. It's something we have to remember and remind ourselves of every day.”

Environment Minister Murat Kurum said in a speech marking Latvia's 101st anniversary of Independence and stated “Relations between Turkey and Latvia resumed in 1991 and have been increasing in both political and economic fields ever since. Our trade volume has reached $291 million. Our goal is to increase it to $1 billion. With Latvia's transportation network and strong economy, we hope that we can build stronger relations in the European Union as well as in NATO, where our students are a preferred country.”

After the speeches, the dishes prepared by the cooks from Latvia were presented to the guests.

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