Şimal Çınar –TDO- According to an announcement from the King Mohammed VI’s office, new ministers were appointed to the ministries of education, health, national planning, vocational training and foreign affairs on Monday. Four of the ministers were dismissed in October by the King after an economic agency found “imbalances” in implementing a development plan and the city of Al Hoceima was shaken by protests-which are rare in this country since palace holds the ultimate power- in 2017 which lasted for months. The protests were triggered after a fishmonger’s produce was confiscated by police saying that he bought illegally, was dumped into a garbage truck and the fishmonger was killed by a rubbish crusher after he jumped into the truck to recover his stock. The incident was seen as a symbol of corruption in the country. The king took a blaming stance against the officials saying the delay on development projects accelerated the public anger and pardoned the people who were arrested in the protests.

The fifth minister has been appointed to a new ministerial department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in charge of African affairs.

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