News Center -TDO-Japan’s Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima and Defense Attaché of the Embassy of Japan Hiroyoshi Nakatsu hosted a reception in consequence of “Japan Self-Defense Forces Day” at the Japan Embassy.

Deputy Minister of National Defense Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu, representatives of foreign missions in Ankara, military attachés, diplomats and other guests attended to the reception.

The reception started with the opening speech of Ambassador Miyajima after the national anthems were singed.

Ambassador Miyajima said in his speech that it was an honor to him to work in Turkey, which is a great partner of Japan for a long time.

Miyajima said that high level visits between the two countries have improved cooperation and partnership and pointed out the importance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Japan on the occasion of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in terms of bilateral relations

Miyajima, who pointed out that the reiwa, which means beautiful harmony in the country with the arrival of the Japanese Emperor Naruhito, said that as the Ambassador of Japan, he would like to continue to make efforts to strengthen the friendship and partnership between Turkey and Japan in accordance with the spirit of such a period. “Turkey and Japan are far from each other but are close to our hearts," Mr. Ambassador added.

"The geographical distance between our countries has not prevented the establishment of strong friendship ties between our states and peoples," said Deputy Minister of National Defense Kavaklıoğlu.

Reminding that the Japanese villagers rescued a large number of Turkish sailors in the accident of the Frigate Ertuğrul in 1890, Kavaklıoğlu said,“Strengthening solidarity has turned into a real friendship. Japan and Turkey do not have a common border but has been complacency neighbors."

Kavaklıoğlu also said, “The strong friendship relations between Turkey and Japan and solidarity in a strategic partnership framework, I believe that in the period extending to 2024, which constitutes the 100th year of our diplomatic relations, it will be further advanced on the basis of the common good of our people.”

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