News Center -TDO-India’s Ambassador to Turkey Sanjay Bhattacharyya and his spouse Ranu Bhattacharyya hosted a reception at the Indian Embassy in consequence of “India Technology and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day”.

Director Of South Asia at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Rıza HakanTekin, ITEC graduates and many other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Bhattacharyya stated that he had the opportunity to share his country's development experience with the ITEC program, which began in 1964. Bhattacharyya also stated that the program is in collaboration with regional and international organizations, covering 161 countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Ambassador Bhattacharyya said: "So far, more than 350 people from Turkey have attended ITEC. The quota allocated at ITEC for Turkish participants has been increased from 20 to 25 this year."

Bhattacharyya emphasized that sharing of experience is the basis of the program, and said that it is not only limited to technology, but also covers different areas such as pharmacy, business and accounting.

Ambassador Tekin, in his speech, expressed his pleasure to attend the event and said "India is a rising global power, a friendly country. We are in favour of advancing our relations with India on the basis of mutual benefit at all levels and areas. Our cooperation in the field of education and technology is also very important for our bilateral relations."

Ambassador Tekin also stated that Turkey is following the technological developments in India closely, and both Turkish and Indian companies in this similar areas of cooperation is also pleased.

Ambassador Tekin pointed out that the two countries have signed many agreements in the past in the field of Technology, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to India in 2017, especially in the field of research and development Turkey's desire to cooperate with India was expressed.

Under the program funded by the government of India since 1964, India shares its development experiences with 161 developing countries.

The event, in which Turkish ITEC graduates shared their experiences about India and the program's contributions to their academic and business lives, ended after traditional Indian dance performances and catering.

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