News Center-TDO-Italy’s Ambassador to Ankara, Mr. Luigi Mattiolo and Defense Attaché Naval Staff Colonel Attilio Gattia hosted a reception on the occasion of the “Italian Armed Forces Day”.

Diplomatic mission chiefs in the capital, military attachés, officials from the Turkish Armed Forces and guests attended the reception at the Italian Embassy in Ankara.

The reception started with singing of the national anthemsof Turkey and Italy.

“Today, we also celebrate the achievement of the national unity of Italy. The National Union means independence for us-Italians at the same time as some regions of our country were dominated by foreign nations for centuries. Our armed forces played an extremely important role in this struggle,  ”Ambassador Mattiolo said in his opening remarks.

Stating that Italy and Turkey is NATO's two main ally and the two countries share the same goals in this respect, Ambassador Mattiolo said "Italy and Turkey are two main allies at the Atlantic Alliance and their role in the South Wing defense is very important".

Emphasizing the difficulties they face is the same with Turkey does, "In many of the most difficult crisis around us from Libya to Syria, Turkey plays an extremely important role, "Mattiolo stated.

In his speech, Staff Colonel Gattia said “Today, we celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Villa Giusti Ceasefire Agreement, which came into force on 4 November 1918 and ended the First World War. In this bloody and uninterrupted struggle that lasted for three years, Italy and the Armed Forces passed a rigorous test and, thank God, succeeded by the high values of the Italian tradition and the great sacrifices of the young Italian soldiers who lost their lives for this cause. Today, 101 years after the end of the First World War, just as 100 years ago, with the same power and sacrifice, almost six thousand Italian soldiers are still on duty outside Italy to defend national interests, promote independence and peace, and for a more prosperous future".

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