Adel Tayari - TDO –(TUNISIA) "The end of the retired general Khalifa Hafter is imminent," said the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of the Libyan government, Brigadier General Mohammed al-Ghassari, stressing that "this end has already begun from the southern Libyan."

"The international intervention forces will soon bomb Hafter's air force and its forces fighting in the south," al-Ghassari said in a press statement. He added: "We demanded an air embargo on the southern region of Libya, and the government demanded intervention to respond to those who are running the country behind a mirage and will not do what they do," as he put it.  And  with regard to the truce reached by parties in the Libyan mountain of Jebel al-Akhdar with a view to a three-day ceasefire  he said  "The truce is already in place, but it will be penetrated by Hafter; because he wants to cause chaos in the country, but our forces are there and will not allow that" … "The international community will only recognize the government of reconciliation and its forces, and the whole society will be against Hafter and his supporters internally and externally, and anyone who is not recognized by the government and the political agreement will be set up by the international community and will be targeted."

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