Selin ATAY-TDO-The Iranian government has closed the Mehran border gate again due to ongoing anti-government protests in Iraq.

The Mehran border check-point was closed to Iranian citizens from 24: 00. It is stated that foreign nationals can cross the border.

The Tehran administration announced the closure of the Mehran border gate on 30 October due to anti-government demonstrations in Iraq, and the reopening on 25 November.Iran also closed the Cezzabe border crossings on 3 October after demonstrations began in Iraq and reopened them three days later.

The demonstrations began on October 1st, when thousands of people took to the streets in Baghdad and the southern cities of Basra, Nasiriyah, Meysan, Qadisiyah and Babylon.

More than 350 people have died in nearly two months of anti-government demonstrations in Iraq, escalating violence and finally calling elections by the highest religious authority, Ali es-Sistani, led Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdulmehdi to resign.

The disorder in the state order established by the US invasion of the country in 2003 caused a disturbance in society, with ethnic and religious-based political formations in the government prioritizing group interests rather than public benefits. The serious level of corruption in the country has also led to unrest in community.

According to WorldTransparency Organization, Iraq ranks 168th among 180 countries. The country has allegedly lost $ 450 billions of public funds since 2003.

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