Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) The judiciary investigates with a minister in the government of Youssef Achahed on charges of corruption

The Tunisian judiciary opened a few days ago an investigation against the minister of environment and local affairs, Riyad Al- Moukher, to investigate him on charges of exploiting his office to make profits for others, in a precedent unknown to Tunisia. For the first time, a Minister in direct case of his duties in court on charges of corruption and confirms the integrity of the democratic process in the country where all citizens are equal before the law.

Riad al-Moukher's call comes to the investigation in the framework of the open war led by Prime Minister Yousef Achahed against corruption which resulted in the arrest of businessmen, politicians and senior officials in customs and security. The investigation with the minister has also become a public opinion issue in which the three branches of parliament, the judiciary and the government are intertwined.

The political activist Samia Abbou revealed the details of the case by publishing documents and evidence condemning one of the Minister's advisors, in Parliament during a hearing of the Minister of Environment Riad Al- Moukher. Samia Abbou demanded the minister resign, accusing him of lying after denying the subject although in February the judiciary sentenced his adviser to four years in prison for financial corruption.

In a related context, the official spokesman of the Court of First Instance in Tunisia said that the public prosecutor opened an investigation against the Minister Riad Al- Moukher and his former adviser Munir Farshichi, against the backdrop of the accusations made by Samia Abbou. On the other hand, Riyad al-Mu'akhir denied the accusations against him, adhering to what was previously announced in parliament. The minister said that the judiciary will be fair, expressing confidence in the Tunisian judiciary, and he explained that he was pleased to open an investigation by the public prosecutor until the end of doubts and each party bears responsibility.

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