DİANA ADZHYKELDIIEVA- TDO - A series of attacks on "Kebab Cafe", which are owned by foreigners, immigrants from Eastern countries, took place in Poland after the New Year.

On New Year's night, two unidentified painted stall Superkebab in Lublin, owned by Indians. On the walls of the cafe there were inscriptions about the IG and Islam, as well as a curse in Polish and English. On the next day somebody threw stones to Kebab House Cafe in Wrocław, whose owner is a Kurd. Police searched the vicinity of the building, but did not find the offender.

Another attack occurred on the night of 4 January in Wroclaw. Unknown knocked the Kuki cafe's window and thrown into a bottle with an incendiary mix, result of what was a fire. "We are looking for a performer. We do not know what was the motive of his actions, and we can not say that it was a racist attack. But to eliminate this, however, we can not "- said police spokesman Paul Petrykovsky, quoted by Gazeta Wyborcza.

Clarifies that the owner of the cafe - Egyptian Ali Nafa, who has been living for eight years in Wroclaw.

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