Mustafa AY –TDO – 10.08.2017 In the previous days, Kenya went to election polls to elect new President of the country. The general election resulted in 54.4% for the current President Uhuru Kenyatta against 44.8% for main opposition leader Railia Odinga. However, that general election resulted in Kenyatta’s favor led the emergence of the allegations of ‘hacking elections’ by Raila Odinga. The reason lying behind these allegations is that he hacked the computers belonging to election council for the purpose of altering the results to his own favor.

He would be right about his accusation of ‘cheat’ in the election because this election has a suspicious background. The time before the election was administered witnessed a mysterious death of election council’s head of IT named Chris Msando. He was first lost and then, he was found death. As a result of autopsy, there are some signs showing that he was tortured and strangled. The main opposition leader Odinga accused Kenyatta of having a finger in Msnado’s death, so not a coincidental death. Odinga conceived a scenario telling that Kenyatta asked Msando to alter the election result for his own favor, but he did not acknowledge to fulfill Kenyatta’s wish. Based on this scenario, he was murdered by Uhuru Kenyatta. For this reason, Odinga accused President of hacking the election data, and accordingly he claimed officially announced result does not reflect the real consequence. Following all these disputes, the head of election commission put an end to this ongoing dispute like “we can’t exactly say whether our computer system was hacked or not”, which led the proponents of Odinga to storm in the streets for demonstrations.

In the aftermath of Raili Odinga’s accusations, many proponents of Odinga poured into the streets, and still on the streets. President Kenyatta ordered the security forces to inhibit the violent protests before proliferating. Besides his move, Raila Odinga called his supporters to tranquility, but added “I can’t silence their voice for justice”. Although security forces fired tear gases on the protesters, protester’s reactions to gas were like “no Odinga, no Peace!”. Therefore, Kenyatta government might confront with extensive violent public uprising.   

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