Robert Harneis- TDO- (FRANCE) - April 8. Viktor Orban has triumphantly retained power with a better result than four years ago. He and his party Fidesz will also have a large enough majority to be able to change the constitution if they so wish. It is another considerable blow to the European Union whom Orban has defied over immigration quotas.

“We have won” Orban declaimed, “Hungary has won a great victory.” A further boost for the Hungarian leader was the high turn out at the polls at 69.41%, 7% higher than last time. He will hold 133 seats out of a total of 199.

Orban campaigned against uncontrolled immigration and for a Hungary with Christian values. He unashamedly adopted a style of government that restricted certain liberties in the national interest so as to able to get better control of the economy, the media and the justice system.

He attacked the European Union saying “Brussels and the United Nations want to organize the replacement of the population of central Europe with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa”.

He also arranged for some 130,000 ethnic Hungarians in neighboring Rumania and Serbia to have the vote.

The leading opposition party Jobbik did worse than four years ago achieving only 19.61% of the vote and its leader resigned immediately.

The result seems to confirm a tendency seen elsewhere in Europe, with a pro-European electorate in the big towns and the nationalist vote in the countryside.

The Hungarian Prime Minister will now continue his “sovereignist crusade” in alliance with Poland, also seeking to work with Austria and Italy who have both elected similar parliaments.

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