The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) continues to be the greatest public health threat the world faces Despite advances of modern science and technology in our globalised world, humanity is yet to find a cure for this disease. Discovered in the early 80s, HIV/AIDS has spread at an astonishing speed, resulting in the sickness and death of millions of people. Hile the number of patients infected with HIV/AIDS around the world was 33.2 million in 2006, it had risen to 34 million in 2011 and 36.9 million in 2014. Sub-Saharan Africa bears the greatest burden of the disease. By 1995, Africa had the majority of HIV/AIDS cases in the world, with 66 per cent of worldwide patients located in Africa. This only worsened, with Africa accounting for 71 per cent of global cases in 2012. Nigeria, an important Sub-Saharan country with a population of 180 million is under threat from the disease. That it is located on migratory routes and the other problems the country experiences exacerbate the threat. By Emin TOSUNYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of July

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