İrem UZUN -TDO- Gunmen have abducted six girls and two staff members from a boarding school in northern Nigeria, according to the police spokesman Yakubu Sabo. Sabo said armed men gained entry on Thursday into the Engravers College, a mixed boarding school in a remote area south of the city of Kaduna. They "took away two staff of the college and six female students to an unknown destination", Sabo said.  It was not immediately clear who had taken them.

The school, which hosts girls and boys, is located far to the west of an area notorious for attacks by the Boko Haram jihadist group. Boko Haram grabbed headlines around the world in 2014 for the abduction of 276 schoolgirls from the remote northeastern town of Chibok in Borno state. The police said they had deployed units "to the area for possible rescue of the victims and arresting the perpetrators." It said officers were "doing everything possible to secure the release of all the victims unhurt”.

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