Serhat TUNAR  -TDO- Israel and Greece reacted to the agreement on the limitation of maritime jurisdictions in the Mediterranean Sea signed between Turkey and the Libyan National Reconciliation Government (UMH).

Asked whether the agreement signed between Turkey and Libya was on the agenda at the NATO summit, President Erdogan said: "first of all, we have signed this with the legitimate administration regarding the Libyan memorandum. At the moment our friends have transferred it to Parliament and this process is ongoing in Parliament. With the passage of this Parliament, by taking this step quickly, the work will now almost enter into force. When such a situation happened, the ones who went into a state of entitlement to things they had no rights to, of course, got into trouble. Of course, especially Greece, Egypt, the Greek Cypriot Administration, and Israel are both uncomfortable and provoke the European Union."

Israel's foreign ministry said in a written statement on its Twitter account that the latest steps Turkey has taken in the Mediterranean have been followed with concern by Israel. The statement stated that Israel attaches great importance to cooperation with Greece and that Israel is on the side of the Greek administration.

Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Micotakis told The Press that international agreements that violate international law are incompatible with NATO's principle of co-operation. Micotakis said Greece expects its neighbours to respect Greece's sovereignty rights by avoiding statements and actions that endanger good neighbourly relations and regional security.

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