Serhat TUNAR -TDO- United States, Cyprus, Greece and Israeli diplomats met at a summit in Washington to discuss the importance of economic co-operation to ensure peace, security, stability and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The United States Department of Foreign Affairs said the summit was the continuation of a joint statement by Cyprus, Greece and Israel, with the participation of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on 20 March. At the meeting, Mike Pompeo expressed US support for the tripartite mechanism and stressed the importance of boosting economic co-operation.

The summit, hosted by Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Manisha Singh, was attended by Cypriot Ambassador to the US Marios Lysiotis, Greek Commercial Attaché Theodoros Bizakis and Israel's Vice President of the US Mission Benjamin Krasna. They exchanged views on the common economy and the ways in which it can be used to resolve national security issues related to the economy.

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