Mustafa AY – TDO – 20.11.2018 On Monday, Merkel Administration announced that they enforced travel ban on 18 Saudi citizens over suspicion of engagement in Khashoggi murder. With this ban, these Saudi citizens cannot enter 26 Schengen Area/EU countries from this moment on. Berlin administration continued with that they issued the ban in collaboration with Britain and France. German authorities couldn’t share the identities of 18 since German privacy laws restrict disclosure of private information’s by anyone.

Besides the travel ban, Berlin also gave a decision to temporarily suspend arms deal with Saudi Arabia. With this decision, Berlin halted shipment of arms –worth about 416 million euros- to Riyadh. Chancellor Merkel called on other EU states such as Norway, Spain, France, UK and others to stop supplying weapons to Riyadh. While Norway and Spain move side by side with Germany, French President Emanuel Macron refused to move by his German counterpart. So, France will perpetuate arms supply to Riyadh.

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