İrem GÖL -TDO- According to Al Jazeera, the pharmaceutical company BioNTech has begun the human trials a potential vaccine for coronavirus on volunteers. The company confirmed that on Wednesday 12 participants in Germany received does of the vaccine. BioNTech stated that in the next step, it will begin increasing the dose of the candidate vaccine in a trial involving about 200 participants aged 18 to 55 and it expects to receive regulatory approval to begin trails in the United States soon.

Around 100 vaccine candidates for Covid-19 are now under development by research teams and scientists around the globe, and at least five of them are in preliminary testing in people in what are known as Phase 1. British team of the Oxford University dosed the first volunteers in a trial of their vaccine. Also, Italian firm ReiThera, German firm Leukocare and Univercells from Belgium said they were working together on another potential shot and aimed to start trials in a few months.

While a safe, effective vaccine is still more than a year away, researchers are rushing to repurpose existing drugs and non-drug therapies as well as testing promising experimental drugs that were already in clinical trials. Even moderately effective therapies or combinations could dramatically reduce the crushing demand on hospitals and intensive care units, changing the nature of the risk the new pathogen represents to populations and healthcare systems.

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